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GREEN Solar Academy, Zimbabwe offers independent solar training through its training facility here in Harare, We are part of the Green Solar Academy based in South Africa where it has now trained several thousand participants. The success of Green Solar Academy (GSA) is primarily based on its membership of DGS based in Germany, but who is DGS and what does it do that has contributed so much to the success of GSA?

DGS was established in 1975 directly due to the oil crisis. The German Solar Energy Society, as it is known, is the oldest and largest independent solar association. By 1982, it had grown into a state association offering professional training courses, producing specialist publications, offering technical support, and developing and maintaining international partnerships.

Also in 1982, the Berlin State Association was founded as part of the DGS to foster the aims of DGS at the regional level, and as interest grew, DGS Berlin decided to offer more professional services and opened a staffed office in 1992. Its aim was to promote energy transition nationally and internationally to become a real alternative to traditional energy sources by initiating and supporting different kinds of projects through research, practical testing, and standardization of education and communication.

The Solar Academy, of which GSA is a part, is independent of manufacturers and offers independent expert knowledge in the fields of solar energy and heat generation. The contents of the training courses are based on current requirements and trends and future standards and norms. A central part of DGS work is to partake in and support research on renewable energies and put results into practice.

DGS is also a participating member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) ISES has members in more than 110 countries and has developed contacts and partners in over 50 countries. ISES has a very strong record in supporting the international solar industry, helping shape public opinion through education and outreach programmes as well as providing informed comment on global issues.

It is through GSA’s linkages with these world-leading organizations that we can offer training that incorporates the latest technology available for the advancement of the use of solar in the provision of energy as a real alternative to climate-changing fuels that have been used for the last 100 years.